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Enjoy the taste of Summer all year long

This unique cream liqueur tastes just like a key lime pie, right down to the hint of graham cracker in the finish. On its own, over ice, or in a number of KeKe cocktails, KeKe delivers the taste of summer all year long.

A lime by any other name

Key Limes get their name from their association with the Florida Keys, a strip of tropical islands over 100 miles long that form the Southernmost tip of the continental United States. Famed for their warm breezes and easygoing vibe, the Florida Keys evoke the lazy days of summer all year long. The Key Lime is alternately known as the West Indian Lime, the Mexican Lime, or the Bartender’s Lime as well. What makes a Key Lime so distinct? It differs from the more traditional Persian variety of lime because it is smaller and less acidic, has a stronger lime aroma, and has a unique taste that is sweeter and less tart than its traditional counterpart. 

It’s easy as pie!

The Key Lime is most renowned for its starring role in a famed Southern dessert that dates back over 100 years – the Key Lime Pie. Floridians take their Key Lime Pie seriously, naming it the state’s official pie in 2006, though there is a fair amount of disagreement about where the recipe originated and what constitutes a true Key Lime Pie. True locals seem to agree on a few essentials: that the pie be made with the juice of Key Limes, and contain sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient, and that the final result is a beautiful showpiece to enjoy with family and friends.